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Research Reports in Chemicals And Materials

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Textile Auxiliaries Market

Textile auxiliaries are chemicals that are used in textile processing. They are used to wash and dye yarns and fabrics. These auxiliaries are formulated for textile products in the forms of cationic, non-ionic, surfactants, and amphoteric. Textile auxiliaries chemicals possess features such as stability to alkaline pH, extreme softener, versatile

Rep Id : TMRGL22580 | Published | Chemicals And Materials | August 2022

Magnetic Polymer Market

Magnetic polymers usually include powders such as Fe3O4, CoFe2O4, strontium ferrite, and nickel. They also often include chosen matrix products such as epoxies, polyurethanes, and polyimides. Magnetic polymers have weaker magnetic properties than cast or sintered magnets. They are used to produce durable and reliable materials.

Rep Id : TMRGL84887 | Published | Chemicals And Materials | August 2022

Chemical Warehousing Market

Specialty chemical storage has different requirements as compared to that of general warehouses. Hazardous chemicals are flammable liquids or gasses. They are combustible or explosive and pose a significant threat to the health and safety of a workplace. Such nature of these chemicals requires specialty chemical warehousing to store them

Rep Id : TMRGL84884 | Published | Chemicals And Materials | July 2022

Tire Recycling Downstream Products Market

Tire recycling downstream products are derived from all kinds of scrap tires. These include whole tires or tires processed into uniform, flow-able pieces that meet end-user specifications. Scrap tires are recycled using techniques such as pyrolysis and shredding.

Rep Id : TMRGL72929 | Published | Chemicals And Materials | July 2022

Activated Alumina Market

Activated alumina is a highly porous and granular form of aluminum oxide. It is widely used as a desiccant, catalyst, and adsorbent. Activated alumina is manufactured by the dehydration of aluminum oxide at high temperature. It exhibits high porosity, resulting in excellent adsorption properties. Activated alumina is also resistant to

Rep Id : TMRGL3914 | Published | Chemicals And Materials | July 2022

Floating Power Plant Market

The latest study collated and published by Transparency Market Research (TMR) analyzes the historical and present-day scenario of the global floating power plant market to accurately gauge its growth potential.

Rep Id : TMRGL31805 | Published | Chemicals And Materials | July 2022

Organosilicon Electrolyte Market

Organosilicon compounds have attracted considerable interest as electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries, as they are nontoxic, nonflammable, possess lower glass transition temperatures, lower vapor pressure, and higher flash point as compared to commercial alkyl carbonates. These compounds can improve the electrochemical performance and safety of lithium-ion batteries when used as electrolyte

Rep Id : TMRGL84869 | Published | Chemicals And Materials | July 2022

Li Metal Battery Market

Emerging battery technologies, such as lithium air battery, lithium cobalt oxide battery, lithium cobalt battery, and solid-state lithium metal battery, could play an important role in the advancement of existing huge lithium batteries. Batteries that have lithium as their anode are called lithium batteries. The charge moves from anode to

Rep Id : TMRGL84865 | Published | Chemicals And Materials | July 2022

North America Plantation Shutters Market

Plantation shutters are the most popular window shutters or window coverings in North America. They are great additions to any home. Plantation shutters are available in different material types and cater to low to high-end budgets. Hence, they are a highly sought-after window treatment that add to the appraisal value

Rep Id : TMRGL84863 | Published | Chemicals And Materials | July 2022

Rubber Fitness Flooring Market

Rubber fitness flooring is known for its durability. This type of flooring is largely preferred in gyms, hospitals, track & field venues, and aerobics studios. Rubber fitness flooring can be made from either natural tree rubber or from synthetic materials.

Rep Id : TMRGL84858 | Published | Chemicals And Materials | July 2022

Performance Minerals Additives Market

Performance minerals additives are widely used in plastics, and the trend is expected to continue due to the growing use of mineral additives. Performance minerals additives allow for the manufacture of plastic materials with a much wider range of properties, including properties not normally associated with plastics, such as high

Rep Id : TMRGL84846 | Published | Chemicals And Materials | June 2022

Elastic Battery Binders Market

Polymer binder materials are key components of electrochemical energy storage devices. The demand for high-energy density devices is increasing across the globe. Therefore, innovative new polymer binder materials that build on the fundamental understanding of physical phenomena and structure–property relationships would be required to enable high-capacity next-generation battery chemistries.

Rep Id : TMRGL84840 | Published | Chemicals And Materials | June 2022

Ceramic Inks Market

Hard surfaces such as ceramics and glass require a different approach for their prints to last longer. Special ceramic inks are used in glass printing, ceramic tiles, and food container printing applications. These inks are available in various colors and shades such as black, brown, red, white, blue, and maroon.

Rep Id : TMRGL13601 | Published | Chemicals And Materials | June 2022

Binder-free Electrode Market

Lithium-ion batteries (LIB) have been widely used as energy supply and storage systems in electronics, electric vehicles, and utility grids. However, there is a growing need to increase the energy density of LIB. As a result, development of new electrode materials with high energy density is important. Binder-free electrode is

Rep Id : TMRGL84824 | Published | Chemicals And Materials | June 2022

Gel Polymer Electrolytes Market

Demand for gel polymer electrolytes has been rising, as they combine the advantages of liquid electrolytes and solid electrolytes such as safety and mechanical and thermal stability. Compared to conventional liquid and solid polymer electrolytes, they are omnipresent in cells, covering the pores of electrode material particles and even the

Rep Id : TMRGL84805 | Published | Chemicals And Materials | May 2022

Solar PV Cells and Modules Market

Photovoltaic cells and modules are primarily used to manufacture solar panels, which are employed to convert sunlight into solar energy. Solar energy is an efficient form of unconventional energy and a convenient renewable solution to greenhouse emissions and global warming.

Rep Id : TMRGL84804 | Published | Chemicals And Materials | May 2022

Medical Grade Plastics Market

Medical grade plastics refer to plastics used to make medical products, products for in vitro diagnostics, and primary packaging for pharmaceuticals. National and international standards, such as EU Regulation 2017/745 (MDR) or ISO 10993, define the specifications for materials that can be utilized in medical devices. In theory, manufacturers of

Rep Id : TMRGL84794 | Published | Chemicals And Materials | May 2022

Fischer-Tropsch Wax Market

Fischer-Tropsch wax (FT Wax) is a synthetic wax that is produced from natural gas and air using the Fischer-Tropsch process. It consists primarily of unbranched chains and has a linear structure, which results in low viscosity.

Rep Id : TMRGL84793 | Published | Chemicals And Materials | May 2022

Paints Market for Non-Plastic Application

Paints used in non-plastic applications are manufactured using different resins, which include epoxy, alkyd, polyurethane, nitrocellulose, synthetic, oil group, UV cure, powder coatings, and high solids. Paints for non-plastic applications comprised more than 95% of the total paints market in 2021. This can be attributed to the significantly high demand

Rep Id : TMRGL84784 | Published | Chemicals And Materials | May 2022

Paving Materials Market

The latest study collated and published by Transparency Market Research (TMR) analyzes the historical and present-day scenario of the Europe & Canada paving materials market in order to accurately gauge its future growth. The study presents detailed information about the important growth factors, restraints, and trends that are creating a

Rep Id : TMRGL84656 | Published | Chemicals And Materials | April 2022

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